Professional Blasting Services

Low Impact – By utilizing deterrent controls to the impacting operations.

Mobility – Utilizing precise penetrating bore rigs

Drilling Accuracy – Split gaps will be precise and predictable, which will incredibly impact the ideal impacting result

Experience - Over 70 years in the drilling and blasting environment



Why choose us for your next job?

  • Domino Blasting specialises in surface blasthole drilling with a modern fleet of hydraulic drill rigs equipped with the latest drilling technology.
  • In addition, we also have hand-drilling teams for small diameter restricted / bulk blast holes.
  • Domino Blasting can offer contract drilling only, or a complete “rock on ground” service.

Drilling / Blasting / Surveying

Where do you want to go?

For you International Blasting needs

For you National Blasting needs

Have the right equipment on your Site

Surveying, Monitoring & Assessments

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When the job needs to done right and where safety is a priority

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